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Starting a Catering Business: The DJ's Catering Story | Learn How to Cater | Catering Toolbox

In this video, you'll hear veteran caterer Doug Biggs tell the origin story of DJ's California Catering, which he started from scratch with his wife Jenny over 30 years ago.

About Catering Toolbox:

Do you dream of owning a multi-million dollar catering business? Whether you’re an experienced caterer or just getting started, a restaurant owner or a personal chef, Catering Toolbox has the tools and information you’ll need to succeed in the challenging field of catering!

Ready to learn how to start and grow a profitable catering business?

“Success leaves clues. Go figure out what someone who was successful did, and model it. Improve it, but learn their steps. They have knowledge.” ~Tony Robbins

That’s right! The secret to success is to find someone who has already done what you’re trying to accomplish, and follow in their footsteps. This especially applies in business.

“Catering Toolbox is an absolute must for anyone just getting started in the business, and also those that are already in the business!” Robert K. (Atlanta, GA)

Do you ever feel like you just don’t know where to begin when it comes to starting or growing your catering business?

We know that you don’t have enough hours in the day, so this program provides you with proven resources that will help you start and grow a highly profitable catering business in very little time.

New to Catering? Learn how to:

- Get started with very little money or experience using idiot-proof, step-by-step instructions.

- Set competitive prices and write profitable proposals.

- Land your first customers using proven marketing and sales strategies that really work.

- Prepare, cook, and serve like a professional caterer with years of experience.

“I am in college majoring in Culinary Arts, planning on being a caterer. I think Catering Toolbox is very informative and useful.” Doris B. (Jackson, MI)

Already a Caterer? Learn how to:

- Manage multiple, large events running simultaneously.

- Optimize your systems and staff for maximum profits.

- Grow your catering business into a multi-million dollar operation.

- Take a vacation without your business imploding!

The core of Catering Toolbox is over 6 hours of catering videos developed by experts with over 30 years of catering industry experience.

We’ll take you “behind the scenes” of a multi-million dollar catering operation.

- Come along as we prepare, transport, and cater actual events.

- Take a look inside our kitchen and delivery trucks and see the specific tools and supplies we use.

Swipe our entire “playbook” of proposal templates, pricing guides, kitchen designs, and other trade secrets. These resources have earned literally millions of dollars worth of business over two decades, and you can download and use them yourself to save time and avoid making costly mistakes.

If it works, it’s inside Catering Toolbox!

“As an aspiring caterer the content you have here is absolutely helpful. Looking forward to more videos and tips.” Arnold A. (Philippines)

The idea for Catering Toolbox started in 2012 as a collaborative effort between Doug Biggs, a 30-year catering industry veteran, and Tony Pinto, an expert in video training. Doug and Tony realized there weren’t many high quality catering videos available online or on DVD, so they created a few “pilot” episodes and uploaded them to YouTube.

The response was overwhelming! There were working caterers, restaurant owners, personal chefs, and aspiring caterers from around the world asking for more.

Ready to get started? Go to https://www.cateringtoolbox.com and sign up for our email newsletter to get access to the first couple of videos and receive a 10% discount.

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Teresa Grande : Thank you for this. I have a restaurant, but my goal is to evolve and create my catering dream... to be the owner of a thriving catering business... please keep this great content coming!!
Elizabeth Martinez : Thank you so much for all the information and inspiration about you and your testimony.
Vera Latham : Great information and I like how you shared your personal experiences to show how hard work and discipline with a lot of dedication worked.
Thank you.
Maco Coronado : Hello very nice and informative content... Im also into caterings and events....glad to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance and more power
Therelle Lunkins : This guy's giving great advice...however I've started my own catering company...in cleveland...every caterer has a different story on how they got started...i like many other companies started from the home...this is more cost effective...and we were cheaper than the bigger local companies...

하루 2000개 대량생산! 국내 최초로 특허받은 분리형 발열도시락 / Fever lunch box mass production factory

대구 서구에 위치한 도시락, 단체급식 위탁을 전문으로 하는 곳입니다. HACCP인증을 받은 위생적인 공장에서 하루 2,000개의 도시락과(질병사태이전은 3,000개 이상) 학교 및 기업체의 급식용 음식을 대량으로 조리하는 생생한 모습을 담았습니다. 자회사에서 개발한 국내 최초로 특허받은 발열도시락 용기에 담아 따뜻하게 먹을 수 있도록 했더군요. 많은 직원분들의 노고가 베여있는 현장이었습니다.

- 본영상은 유료광고를 포함하지 않습니다 -

촬영요청 및 지원 이메일 ( jazz3651@naver.com )
- 맛과 위생에 자신있는 소상공인분들과 중소기업의 무료촬영을 진행합니다.
- 기존에 유튜브에 소개된 곳보다는 처음으로 영상으로 담고 싶은 곳을 우선합니다.
- 어려운 시기에 소상공인분들과 중소기업에 작은 힘이되는 푸드킹덤이 되겠습니다.

KRW - 도시락 : 7,000원 부터~

Location 대구광역시 서구 문화로 23길 16 (이현동) 주식회사 EMS

(Google Map) https://goo.gl/maps/exTRFdSJz2pmJzUn7
(Naver Map) http://naver.me/F2vATqTo

⚡ Information
사이트 - http://www.everwellfood.co.kr/
발열용기 - http://www.ongi.kr/
Flaming & Tasty : It's so satisfying to watch how they prepare the mass food in a hygienic way!
Helen 13 : Factory workers are incredibly skilled They should be proud
Christine Kadir : I love the way they prepare, so hygienic and the food so fresh..
luisito holguin : Como me gustaría tener una fábrica así en México para todos los niños!!
Lisa I : I admired the way they are handling the food. Washing everything, preparing at a 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ level,something you don't see in some restaurants here in the USA. The kids here eat cold/ old frozen food.. Look so delicious

How to Start a Catering Business | Profitable Business Idea for Beginners

In this video, you will learn how to start a catering business with low investment by renting catering equipments. So, start your own catering company in 2020. Like, share and subcribe our young entreprenuers forum channel to get future videos.

How to write a business plan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btsKJdLmXgc

There are many people who are looking for starting a small business in food industry. Catering business is a one of the evergreen business idea that you can start at any time.

The main thing behind this catering business is how you are going provide your catering service to your new clients.

People always want to change the catering person because of those past bad experience. If you're passionate about food, cooking and providing hundred percentage customer satisfaction then, catering business will be best lucrative business idea for your startup.

This video will guide you step by step how to start a catering business from beginning level.

If you get any confusion on this video then, do not hesitate to ask your questions in comment box. Thanks for watching this video.
Ravi Sharma : Highly informative video. I am into catering business. This is a best video to learn catering business for beginners.
Al Shan Marketing - Food Business Coach : 5 steps to start a catering business:
Step 1. Have a business plan
Step 2. Know the laws in your market
Step 3. Know who your market is and focus on that market
Step 4. Have the right equipment
Step 5. Learn how to advertise your business
This is creative as well as highly informative content! Thank you for this enjoyable presentation of learning. It is a valuable concept for every aspiring catering owner.
Leah Lee : Very helpful!
Gunaganti Santhosh : Sir how to start digital Media in YouTube and there business model and future scope
Rakesh Babu : I want to start catering business in Bengaluru. So this is useful to me.




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